Ido Portal's Closed System Flow

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Closed System Flow (CSF) is highly effective process for developing aspects of your movement practice. This is a concept I learned from Ido Portal-you can read his original blog post here.

The idea is we are going to "close the system" aka enforce a limited amount of movements to use during a flow. In this example, he picked 4 moves from the world of capoeira with appropriate progressions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners which all have a common link-in this case: the deep squat.

This will develop neurology, strength, work capacity, mobility, aspects of coordination, creativity... we create these restrictions in order to develop true freedom.

A good starting point is to isolate the movements, then work on integrating 2-3 movements together. Make sure you can perform all movements on both sides. After this, tie it all together with a structured closed improvisation. 60 secs of movement followed by 60 seconds of rest x 3-5 sets is a good starting point.

You can find further breakdown and progressions of these Floreio movements on this blog, under the section titled "Skill: The Floreio Movements". I do not know who wrote this blog, but they basically organized Ido Portal's older YouTube material/tutorials and I found if very helpful to get started with.

Don't get lost in the information. Practice more. Find someone who can help you. While I work with people on their movement, I always recommend considering going straight to the source and look into Ido Portal's Online Coaching and various events around the world. There are students of Ido's all around the world that I can connect you with as well. Feel free to contact me with questions.

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