#notyoga: How to develop REAL mobility

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

First, let's define. Mobility= strength + flexibility.

A few short years ago, I was not able to touch my toes.

I don't just want ROM (ranges of motion). I want to be as strong as possible in all of my ROM.

Developing real mobility was actually one of the first things that caught my eye from Ido Portal. It's necessary thing to have for freedom in movement. From Ido's post:

"Mobility - range of motion is king. Moving into it with strength, control, stability and motor refinement is a must, not just passive range. But still - if you don't have range - you cant get stronger in that range, you cant use that range, you cant stabilize or control that range. So... FIRST THINGS FIRST - get the range. I meet more people daily that are limited to a big extent in movement because of this reason, many more than because of weakness. Weakness is limiting - but range is the real party pooper - no range = no movement. Oh, and one other thing: nobody foamed rolled his ass into real mobility. Note: Stretching is very much alive, its not the stretching that is problematic - its the TYPE of stretching that can be an issue. We use a method I developed called Loaded Progressive Stretching. Our students can be seen on YouTube and FB and move the way they move because of that practice. Take it for what it is worth. We like Myofascial and soft tissue release, but we don't delude ourselves into thinking its going to make us into... MOVERS with ROM."

I like to explore my ROM through movement every day, throughout the day. So I hear this a lot: "Oh, you must do a lot of yoga" or asked if I teach yoga.

No. We need to stop associating yoga with mobility. Yoga is NOT a good way to actually develop real mobility for the vast majority of people out there. There are much better technologies and methods for developing mobility. I developed 100% of my mobility with 0% yoga asana.

Here is an old blog post from Zack Finer, my first movement coach who now co-owns Boulder Movement Collective. I've sent this to so many people over the years. Read up and start the work here.

But like anything movement-related, you'll always progress better with a teacher who knows what they are doing.


[Side note: I have little to no interest in in American/Western yoga culture. My interest in yoga is lies more in the areas of stillness practice, breath, foot strength, abdominal massage. Not mobility. This is credited to Dudi Malka's contribution of Shadow Yoga elements to Ido Portal's Movement Camp.]

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