On Injuries

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I fucked up my shoulder last week. I tweaked sometime during drilling some acrobatics, and didn’t realize how bad it was until the epinephrine wore off a few hours later. Based on some orthopedic tests, probably a small tear in the rotator cuff. The next day, I could not lift it more than a few degrees in any direction without incredible pain. A few things come to mind from my movement education via Ido Portal:

1. Totally safe practice is a totally useless practice. Not to take stupid risks, but realize some level of risk is needed for growth. 2. Work WiTH it, work ON it, work AROUND it. Research your injuries.

I immediately moved the shoulder into, around areas of discomfort and pain- simple lifting the shoulder at certain angles was enough to induce shaking and nausea. I did this at the gym, in bed, while driving, with friends. Constant movement. I’m sending the area nutrients via increased blood flow and retraining my nervous system that the structure is strong.

Some aspects of my Rehab protocol: -Various circles through as much ROM as possible with varying degrees of tension -Pushing, pulling in ALL DIRECTIONS. Hanging -High rep resistance band work -Arm waves/figure 8’s in different planes, directions.

-Object manipulation using some principles from MC2018 -Balancing a stick on various aspects at various angles of the shoulder/humerus for fine motor control also from MC2018 -Extensive dancing with the arm-solo and partnering-exploring the strength at all angles

I did not immobilize the injury. No movement=no life. I’d do the same (and I have) with a sprained wrist, inflamed knee, tweaked neck. I’ve had a shoulder injury like this in the past, that took weeks/months to resolve because I was hyper-cautious to not further injure it. 4 days post-injury with this approach, it’s about 80-90% better already, and I expect to be back to acrobatics in a few days here. I didn’t miss daily movement practice, hand balancing, dance practice, or BJJ. I just bent the practice a bit, but didn’t break it. This was made possible because proper movement education. Shit we don’t get in school, but should. #idoportal#movementculture

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