Movement Practice (sitting on a plane)

“I can do a six hour movement session sitting on a plane.” -Ido Portal.

I used to feel trapped sitting on an airplane. Here are some things I practice on a plane now, thanks to this inspiration.

Keeping that restriction of sitting in a chair, here are a few ideas to explore, divided into how loud the movement appears from the outside.

Invisible mvmt: (cannot be seen)


-body scans with various imagery

-“undoing” or consciously releasing, relaxing

- quiet isometric contractions

-"somatic coordination" (will detail in another post)

Micro mvmt: (seen if closely observed)

-Smallest articulation possible

-abdominal manipulation/stomach pumping

-eye mvmts

-full on isometric contractions

-sunset/slow fade mvmt: (ex. take multiple minutes to lower my hand from my chin to my hip)

Gross mvmt (easily seen)

-spinal translations

-CKC upper extremity movements

-Hand articulations (ex. waves)

-Fine motor skill Object manipulation (i.e. handling a pen, coin, piece of trash)


“Freedom” (whatever that is) comes from within. Always be curious, discovering, practicing.

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