David has passion for what he does... The way he teaches is light-hearted but at the same time focused on finding ways to explain things with clarity.


For me the lightness and playful approach to learning and identifying these patterns of mobility is key for growth.


David is a humble teacher that is always seeking to improve himself and is on the leading edge of this evolutionary exploration of the body, expression , and natural movement. “


"I feel so lucky to have taken classes from David and I look forward to taking more! I can always count on experiencing my body in a new way in his classes. His dynamic neurological approach to movement helps me get out of my habitual movement patterns... His teaching is clear, concise, and super fun! I highly recommend his classes."


"Anyone in the area looking for a great teacher can't go wrong with David. He is an amazing practitioner, has a great eye for detail, a true student of movement... This is a great opportunity for anyone in the Seattle area looking to pursue a Movement Practice."

-Bonar Mccallum

Owner of Move to Move in Calgary

"David’s movement class has been both fulfilling and inspiring to me.  The class is great at helping you see where you need to make improvements for your overall movement wellbeing.  Some areas of growth may entail increasing your mobility or strength that you won’t get from simply stretching and lifting weights a bunch. 


The classes and workshops provide you with tools to carry out functional movement that can aid you in other activities that you’re involved with.  Also, I feel that there is a nice mix of stable material that students can build upon along with new activities that keep you mentally and physically stimulated. 


More importantly, David has been wonderful when it comes to explaining not only how to do these things but the importance behind doing them. 


The classes always leave me feeling rejuvenated and motivated because I get to move in a way that is both playful and challenging."

- Desirée

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